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Gut Check: 10 Predictions for the Democrat Debate Tonight

1. HILLARY WILL INITIALLY LAUGH LIKE A DRUNKEN FAIRGROUND HARLEQUIN But it will be followed by an awkward silence, then she will address the moderator with a canned statement, and the world yawns. It won’t work, for anyone. 2. JIM WEBB WILL WIN SOMETHING There are no expectations for Webb, which is odd, since he’s the most qualified of the bunch to be president. War hero, winner of the Navy Cross, Secretary of the Navy, Senator. This guy makes everyone up there look like lightweights. I’ll say more later. 3. LINCOLN CHAFFEE WILL MAKE A LAME JOKE ABOUT THE METRIC SYSTEM And everyone will wonder at home, who is this weird guy and how did he get on the dais, which is a fancy word for stage. Some people might think he’s Steve Doocey. I might think he’s Steve Doocey. Steve Doocey might think he’s Steve Doocey. 4. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% WILL GO AFTER HILLARY ON HER TRADE FLIP FLOP, AND IT WILL HURT HER She will make the point that once she was for the deal, but since then the deal has changed over time, she’s now uncomfortable with it. She’d say anything to get elected, and will prove it at least 13 times tonight. No one will buy it… even her. 5. THE PUBLIC WILL TURN IT OFF AFTER THE FIRST HOUR Now having suckled...

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Gut Check: When No Lives Matter

On Monday, a lowly cable network known for bleeding viewers had a talking head on that remarked on the “enormity” of grief that followed the murder of a white Texas deputy by a black dude in a gas station. The hack, I suppose, was surprised that such a large group would show up to mourn a cop. I mean…aren’t cops not us? This is where we are, ladies and gentleman. Sympathy for the murder of an innocent man – is somehow surprising. Why is this? Perhaps because the same network was more than willing to “understand” the carefree, opportunistic looting masqueraded as social justice, or accompanying riots recast (by foot soldiers on the ground) as a natural reaction to injustice. We now live in a time where there are those who, on social networks, applaud an angry black man killing two white people on live TV. I’m sure, in time, those in the media will come to “understand” that too. But those surprised by grief over the death of an unassuming deputy filling up his car, have an excuse. After all: the media has done so much to besmirch law enforcement that when an innocent man is murdered, there is an internal reflex in their mind that says: “well, I bet there was a bad cop somewhere, if not him.” It’s excusable! It’s the same mentality that drives hoax...

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Gut Check: The Jim Gaffigan Show — A Puffy James Dean

Since, like most people these days, I only watch a show in one multi-hour clump of multiple episodes, head resting on a folded pillow, eating dark chocolate almonds under the false assumption they’re healthier (the almonds fill up space where the chocolate is, I tell my wife), I finally caught up with the entire season of the Jim Gaffigan Show. I realize praising it on this site will only hurt him in other arenas, so I will keep my compliments limited. Suffice to say, the show is probably like Mr. Gaffigan himself: a light touch, but always smart – and underneath it all lurks disturbing, profound judgments on contemporary life. That Gaffigan focuses on the value and strength one gets from traditional sources – while on television, mind you – he comes off as subversive as a Satanist at the Vatican. As I watched, I made these observations: *The relationship between Jim and his fellow comic Dave presents a stark comparison between the modern self-involved male, and Jim, the non-introspective producer of both work and children. Jim has five kids (as he does in real life), which, to Dave (well-played by Adam Goldberg) is akin to having five heads sprouting out of your back. Dave is a stunted creature living on shallow need, mistaking it for real desire. He’s a detestable character, but necessary as a mirror to reveal...

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Gut Check: Trump’s Plus and Minus

Let’s begin with the late Andrew Breitbart’s often repeated quote: Politics is downstream from culture. Meaning, culture influences politics, not the reverse – and until conservatives figure out a way to take the culture back from the left, we cannot win. Viewing this election season through that prism – one could argue that Trump is actually trying that: a candidate FROM the culture, not from the body politic. And what a culture he’s coming from. But, does that matter? Do this exercise, as I told Five viewers earlier: imagine a Republican governor or senator saying what Trump has been saying, gaffes included… the stuff about McCain, Kelly, Carly, his daughter. That candidate would already have his bags packed, in a cab, to the airport, like those final precious minutes of the Apprentice. But Trump travels in a bubble of immunity: which he accurately deemed “entertainment.” He says “I’m an entertainer,” and people are buying it because it’s completely true. He’s entertaining! So now, it’s almost like he’s a member of a group that affords him special protection (And where have we seen that before? I’ll answer that: Obama). Which makes him appealing, but lazy (we’ll get to that lazy part later). He’s the first Republican to come from culture (don’t say it was Reagan – for although he was an actor, he was also governor twice before he became...

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Why the Right is Right, How to be Right, Chapter 1

What makes conservatism right? If you’re a conservative, you should know why you’re right. If you’re not a conservative, why should you think about becoming one? Greg Gutfeld, bestselling author of, “How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct”, explains in this...

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