Originally published on Breitbart.com March 29, 2013

Look: the Jim Carrey gun control video wasn’t about the second amendment.

It was really about Carrey–a waning star embracing sanctioned targets to create the false front of intelligence. Sort of like America’s drone program.

So it’s fitting we began this Holy Week with Carrey ridiculing the late Charlton Heston, and now end with Jason Biggs tweeting predictable jokes about the Pope.

There were three. Trust me, they’re forgettable. As is Jason.

But Pope jokes are as old as the Pope, and by all means, make them. That’s why our country’s great, because washed-up comics have the right to suck.

Based on that, Jason and Carrey are civil rights pioneers. They’re sort of the Jackie Robinsons of sucking.

I love the first amendment, and Twitter especially–for it exposes the soft underbelly of the celebrity simple mind. They undo everything their publicists try to mask. The mystery is replaced by the moronic.

But really, Jimmy and Jason, if you want to create the illusion of edge, at least take a risk.

Stop choosing targets approved by your sheep-like peers. The only people you’re impressing are those paid to pretend you’re funny—i.e., your dates, and your agents.

Which is why Jason thinks it’s cool to hit the pope but lacks the beans to do the same to Muhammad.

It’s why Jimmy attacks gun owners but not gangbangers.

And it’s why Jimmy mocked Mr. Heston–but won’t respond to me. I guess Jim thinks he couldn’t lose a debate to a dead man.

That’s what’s really funny; he did.

It’s no wonder that now, Charlton Heston has a brighter future in films than Jim Carrey.

Editor’s note: Greg Gutfeld’s monologue was featured on Fox News’s The Five Friday afternoon.