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My guide to social media redemption

As humans, we live to connect. Which is why it’s amazing that it’s this very connection we seek that is now about to tear us apart. For the past five years or so I’ve watched an endless parade of outrage mobs  on social media, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter has now become part of a destructive, almost unstoppable evolutionary process. Twitter now triggers the group survival mentality in all of us – in which the desire to expel a person from the group (call it a ritual sacrifice) is done to stave off your own inevitable...

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The End Of Work…As We Know It

Greg’s guest today is the Director of the Center for Economic Freedom at Freedomworks and author, John Tamny. They discuss his latest book, “The End of Work: Why Your Passion Can Become Your Job.” LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE .      Tamny’s book is...

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Opioids — Facts and Fallacies

I realize that every time I discuss the opioid crisis with someone, I find that they often don’t know all the facts. And maybe, neither do I. But I try. So, my goal here is to present all the stuff that I’ve read recently, with links. And I quote the articles, extensively, so you can see what I see, and not depend on my words alone. But I must note: this article below is biased. The sources I’m using were sent to me by people upset by the media narratives regarding opioids. So the perspective here is not “fair and balanced,”...

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