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Looking Out For the Big Guy

Since I am considered by many to be a “little guy,” you’d think I’d always be “looking out” for him—the proverbial little guy. You could not be more wrong. The little guy bugs the crap out of me. But let me define what I mean by “little guy,” while also expanding on what I believe is a new victim in the ever expanding sea of grievances. I call this new perceived injustice “Giantism.” Note, this is not gigantism, which is a bona fide medical condition, characterized by unusually large growth. Giantism instead is a type of bullying characterized by targeting large people, places, and things. I have a good friend who is very, very big. The size of a walk-in freezer. He’s also kinda famous—his fame and success both products of a keen intellect and hard work. But if you ask him what it was like growing up, he’ll tell you: it wasn’t always buttered figs. Because he was big. The problem with being big: if a smaller person teases or bullies you, you cannot fight back. Because if you hurt the aggressor, you end up looking like the bad guy. It’s why many big people are labeled as “gentle giants” when, in fact, they have no choice. I was blessed with being small and compact, so I never had a problem defending myself. Most aggressors were slightly to...

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Thank You, General Alexander

It’s about time America had the intel hearing, and were told about these prevented bomb plots. Fact is, we needed some adults in the room, to clarify exactly what we’ve been arguing about. For the past two weeks, people were chewing over and regurgitating misleading opinions and trumped up outrage, without actually understanding the nature of these security programs. Much of the fuel for this debate was provided by people who were highly critical of the war on terror to begin with, and were using libertarian arguments as a cloak. A lot of us fell for it. One of these acts of terror mentioned today, that was prevented in part, by the NSA – was to take place in the New York subway. My wife uses it every day. She doesn’t have the luxury of a car service. Thanks, NSA. gg For more from Greg, check out...

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Why The Government Hates the Tea Party

Here’s why the government hates the Tea Party: because the Tea Party was the first inspired, spontaneous entity to call the government out on its political agenda. This makes the Tea Party officially cooler than all the biker gangs and clubs across the country. Essentially, the Tea Party are the Hell’s Angels, but with sun visors instead of switch blades. They push macaroni instead of meth. Mess with the Tea Party and they’ll put your dog in an American flag sweater on a hot day. For more from Greg check out...

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Gut Check: Evil Dreams Big

Evil never takes a holiday; in fact, it capitalizes on them. Evil sees a busload of tourists as a piñata it would like to see burst. Evil has no picnics planned, no three-day weekends fishing at the cabin, no trips to the shore with drunken alums. There are no charity fun-runs for the devil. What is the devil, these days? We’ve realized it’s not the one of old–the one we grew up thinking was evil. As a tyke, I looked to the USSR for my example of wretched godlessness. As a bloated state intent on expansion, it certainly was the devil to its people, burying tens of millions of citizens under the thumb of coercive progressivism known as communism. But it wasn’t a death cult that projects its blood lust on others, at all times. Brezhnev never sent planes into our buildings. Something tells me that sort of thing would even turn the belly of a socialist (unless they’re currently teaching at one of our campuses). Optimism over the decline of al Qaeda is folly. For as we’ve come to understand over and over again, they only need to succeed once to make it hurt. And given the new weapons at their disposal, succeeding once could end it all, for good. Incidentally, President Obama undermined his own claims about this so-called decline as he sought to explain the data...

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The Grounding of Big Government

You remember near the end of the Monty Python flick, The Meaning of Life– that scene featuring Mr. Creasote? He’s the morbidly obese freak who gorges on food, until finally, after eating a mint offered by the waiter, completely explodes, sending his guts in all directions. I was a senior in high school when I saw it, and I remember it clearly. I skipped dinner that night. And I remember the scene now, as I’ve watched this IRS scandal unfold. I keep thinking about that mint, and that this scandal is that mint. With this exposed plan of intimidation, big government has finally, irrevocably exploded all over us–drenching us in its own corrupt excesses. It’s gotten so fat, so immensely greedy, so impossibly grotesque, that the only thing that can end it is itself. Big government exists only through expansion. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to kill. But it got too cocky; it grew too fast, and now all of its insides, are outside–for all of us to see. Which is why this is no time to lend it a helping hand. Let big government die from its own desires. The IRS, to its own horror, has just helped create a new movement. Think about it: If you were to go to a hardware store right now, buy a sign and paint “audit this,” and place...

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