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As the massive march unfolded in Paris, it served to remind us why everyone showed up in the first place: because some fanatical, determined assholes murdered a bunch of innocent citizens.

It serves to remind us of this simple fact, as this initial outrage gets lost among other phony concerns, desires and political wishes.

The march is no longer a simple, defiant repudiation of radical Islamic assholes. No – it’s now against other things – including racism, backlash, and so on. Instead of learning a lesson about evil, the media return to wimpy, vacant pronouncements of tolerance – like an amnesiac dog devouring its own vomit. That’s the cartoon I keep seeing.

While we watched the march, over in Nigeria fiends attached explosives to young girls and sent them off on dual suicide missions. Six people were killed in a market, that mid-afternoon – the second attack to use young girls as death-delivery systems. Ten years old or so – all that’s left are parts of their torso and hair. This, occurring on the heels of Boku Harem’s latest and deadliest attack – one that killed up to 2,000 women, children, and elderly civilians. It’s a monstrous ugly thing that got lost in the Paris shuffle. And no arm-linking chant of famous names and famous faces is going to stop that.

So forgive me if a march for unity leaves me cold. It should be a march for war.

I pray one day everyone will wake up, and realize this is not a time for a call for unity under the guise of tolerance, but for a unity of will – a collective fortitude necessary to destroy a movement that wants to destroy us. Most people get this. The media, not so much.

What are the barriers to this? To me, it’s pretty simple.

We are dealing with a death cult that’s aided and abetted by two different fifth columns, both of which are cults in themselves.

If you’re new to the phrase, “fifth column,” it describes any group of people who act to undermine their own country from within. What makes these two fifth columns different is their actions are almost entirely performed out in the open, egged on and saluted by the rich, the educated, the upwardly able, the elites.

The first fifth column is the academic media complex that previously deemed the War On Terror Islamophobic, unnecessary and laughable. These are those cretins who spent more time obsessing over our response to 9/11, than 9/11 itself. They are the same cretins who see in every terror attack our culpability, and therefore an avenue for dismissing any legitimate response. This is not just stupidity, it’s worse: it’s a calculated movement to undermine the west from within. The accusation of “Islamophobia” is nothing more than a movable shrub camouflaging an eradication of will, rendering us incapable of fighting an ever growing, and ever more vicious threat.

The second fifth column is the academic media complex that deems the War on Terror intrusive to your privacy, as if the NSA really is interested in reading your stupid emails. You need intelligence to engage in espionage, one must track evil to catch it, and covert eavesdropping is a must – but it’s oh so unfair and mean-spirited! How dare you spy! That’s so deeply offensive to my pocket constitution! Sure, Snowden adulation was active and easy when threats were dormant. But now that the needles in the haystack are starting to stab – the Greenwald groupies and Snowden suck-ups are as quiet as a mime fart.

(It is interesting to note that those in that first fifth column have migrated into the second fifth column, blending in with naïve conservatives and their talk radio taskmasters.)

As I watch the news now, I hear one anchor wondering if we’re doing enough to track global terror. Is there “not enough coordination?”

Only years ago, perhaps to this person – such tracking of “global jihad” seemed overblown. At the march, there were something like 40 heads of state including Angela Merkel and David Cameron (no Obama). So, just like that, we’re back to a global war on terror? Anyone want to send a bouquet of flowers to Dick Cheney? Can we stop whipping ourselves over torture? Has Dianne Feinstein changed her mind, again, about spilling our methods?

Anchors now spend their time in air conditioned studios wondering about this new competitiveness between ISIS and al Qaeda – a line of thought that allows one to avoid admitting that “lone wolves” are actually a well-trained pack.

And as some others point fingers at a country like France for not “assimilating” its new immigrants enough – which leads to alienation, then terror – its observable that terror still occurs in areas where assimilation is not an issue at all. Muslims are blowing up Muslims in Muslim places. And besides, it’s usually the responsibility of the immigrant to assimilate to the country, not the reverse. But academics tell us that’s racist. All cultures are equal, and expecting someone to leave barbaric practices back home is bullying.

Worse, as one CNN hack already labeled terrorists “activists,” and another identified a black French terrorist as an African American, still another wonders if the Paris demonstration might strengthen the radical’s defiance.

What is she suggesting then, exactly? Go home and hope this shit blows over?

After I posted a monologue on the Paris attacks, a Muslim girl tweeted at me, demanding I stop interchanging Islam with terror (which I hadn’t, but she really didn’t care). I asked her, then and there, if she would condemn terror with me, and the horrific acts of radical islam. She didn’t – instead she went after Israel.

I gave her another chance – pointing out that she’s accused me of conflating Islam and terror – yet she, as a Muslim would not condemn terror. SO isn’t she conflating the two? Like a pre-programmed robot, she stuck to her script of Islamophobia – and it became clear (as it always does), that we’ve created these idiots, by indulging their phony victimhood.

The first step in any problem is admitting you have one. But we have already given in to the mindset of that girl above – worried more about backlash than the “frontlash,” – that Charlie Hebdo will happen again, and again.

But, as always, I propose a deal. It is one I made on The Five a few days ago, and it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

If you believe that terror is not a religious issue, and I agree with you – then what does that mean, exactly?

It means that if I don’t “see” Islam, when I fight terror, then you cannot “see” Islamophobia when I fight it.

On the contrary, as a Muslim you should join me in championing the elimination of such heathens – since after all, it has NOTHING to do with religion. We can fight this together, if we look at our enemies through the same lens: seeing as they are murderous scum who should die.

However, if you have a problem making that step – like that moronic girl who tweeted me – then perhaps it is you who has the problem separating religion from terror.

It’s a problem you should solve. Soon.

Because we aren’t waiting for you.

And then we become that ACME safe that lands on the Wile E. Coyote that is radical Islam. I love that cartoon.