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On Monday, a lowly cable network known for bleeding viewers had a talking head on that remarked on the “enormity” of grief that followed the murder of a white Texas deputy by a black dude in a gas station.

The hack, I suppose, was surprised that such a large group would show up to mourn a cop. I mean…aren’t cops not us?

This is where we are, ladies and gentleman. Sympathy for the murder of an innocent man – is somehow surprising. Why is this?

Perhaps because the same network was more than willing to “understand” the carefree, opportunistic looting masqueraded as social justice, or accompanying riots recast (by foot soldiers on the ground) as a natural reaction to injustice.

We now live in a time where there are those who, on social networks, applaud an angry black man killing two white people on live TV. I’m sure, in time, those in the media will come to “understand” that too.

But those surprised by grief over the death of an unassuming deputy filling up his car, have an excuse. After all: the media has done so much to besmirch law enforcement that when an innocent man is murdered, there is an internal reflex in their mind that says: “well, I bet there was a bad cop somewhere, if not him.” It’s excusable!

It’s the same mentality that drives hoax crimes, fake rape accusations, and generic smears against any innocent: somewhere, someone did something bad, and you shall pay for it, even it you’re innocent. It’s a symbolic gesture, after all. Guilt is irrelevant in modern crime. If you kill someone, it’s revolutionary. If you accuse someone falsely of a crime –it’s simply some form of karmic redistribution for crimes committed elsewhere against the oppressed.

As our country devolves into a convulsive theater of the aggrieved, where those who claim they are victimized energize further victimization against helpless communities they claim to defend, we see the complicit media cheering like the grisly gawkers of the asinine apocalypse. They live in a bubble, free of common sense, and foolishly believe that this bubble protects them. But like all fifth columnists, they will be the first to go, when the real shit goes down.

Perhaps the death of an officer may partly rest on the head of a racist media, who regard personal responsibility as too much to expect from a segment of the population. Instead, the same media prefers to smear the very law enforcement assigned in areas where a terrified population suffers under those other marauders whom the media excuse. You see the problem? You excuse one behavior, while exaggerating another, all while those blue liners you happily condemn desperately try to help remedy the mess. They’re getting it from every angle.

To the media, cops are just the “other side” – facing the innocent victim class screaming for justice. Not part of a community – but an evil, invasive force. It’s a belief that ignores a fundamental fact of the last few decades: the only force saving black lives are cops – they ARE the community — not CNN hosts in smart glasses.

Or shitbags at MTV.

Following the murder of the white cop and two white reporters on live TV in a clearly driven-by-race hate crime – the MTV video awards stuck to their script – doubling down on division. Lets call cops “pigs”! HAHAHA.

I can’t blame them. It’s what they do.

Reality be damned. Forget that it’s the men and women who patrol the neighborhoods who want the same things you want. It’s harder to stop aggression than it is to unleash it. And so – when these blue collar warriors sense no back-up and pull back – murders, assaults, and rapes rise. Aggressive criminals sense a tentative law enforcement, and act accordingly.

MTV’s chattering asses refuse to connect a single dot. You tell the cops to stop being cops: then those that you romanticize, ultimately, end up as homicides.

Some blame Black Lives Matter. Why bother. They’ve been around for decades – in one form or another; all variations of radical groups seeking subversion for no other reason than to experience the vibrant pleasure of anarchic vengeance.

But it’s not BLM’s fault. It’s the politicians and media scum who cower before them.

When BLM’s rhetoric frightens cowards like Mayor Bill DeBlasio, what can the thin blue line do? If they have no backup, they recede. And neighborhoods where they are needed most, suffer. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy of BLM. They attack the cops, but don’t care when minority neighborhoods suffer from the resulting police absence. The lives of children and grandmothers in those neighborhoods don’t matter nearly as much as getting a tweet mentioned on MSNBC.

We, as citizens, are the police back-up. We are the ones who must show up to mourn and march – and shame the network hacks who see justice as cartoonish stereotypes typing hash tags.

Now, we realize that it’s politicians like Mayor DeBlasio who fan division. The killing of the officer, and the shooting of the reporter and cameraman – all occurred in the midst of a national crime wave – perhaps the result of a disinclination to enforce the law.

This is the issue now, one that will lead to more dead people of ever stripe, for it’s the consequence of a meticulously-cultivated division.

The first candidate to stress unity, and call on the media to reject its reliance on divisiveness, gets my vote. Unity is what this country needs.

There are greater threats in the world: ISIS, non-state agent terror, home-grown nihilists. But we can’t tackle them, until we tackle the killer inside us, first. It’s no longer us vs. them. It’s us vs. ourselves.

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