Last summer an FBI agent was pulled from Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Trump. Makes sense. Peter Strzok seen there had exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary texts with a mistress who was also on Mueller’s team. That’s evidence of bias, and let’s face it, stupidity.

Strzok also had interviewed top Clintonite Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, as well as overseeing the probe into Michael Flynn, which raises this bias test: If Flynn’s lies warrant a charge, why don’t Huma and Cheryl? It’s a good question. Especially when the same lawyer also change a vital phrase in Comey’s statement about Hillary’s email. “Grossly negligent,” my nickname, became “extremely careless.” That small change reduced Hillary’s action from criminal to merely incompetent and that ironically preserved Hillary’s nomination, helping pave the way for Donald Trump. That’s pretty hilarious, if you’re not a Democrat — you should be really angry.