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Whether you are using a mobile device or computer it is easy to download  your photo from the event. If you have any trouble, we included a few images to help guide you through the process (though the icons and process may vary slightly based on the device you use…ie iphone vs. android vs laptop). If you have any issues please contact the email on the download card provided at the event. Thanks again for coming!

First you must enter your email address to unlock the download process.

Next use your cursor to scroll over your image until you see the download arrow in the upper right hand corner.

Next select the download button in the upper right hand corner

Lastly, select the “save Image as” and it will save the image on your computer.

To save on a mobile device, select your image and then select the “download icon” pictured at the bottom of your screen.

Next select “Save Image” icon and it will save the image in your photos