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Date City Venue
Tour: The Gutfeld Monologues
08/25/18 The Villages, Florida Barnes & Noble – The Villages, FL
Time: 2:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1055 Old Camp Road. Venue phone: 352-430-3029.

Greg Gutfeld: The end of the world, or not

Friday afternoon I was being my normal obnoxious self around the office, pretending to be a stoned philosopher.  “Dude, like are you aware the earth is just a rock hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour….we’re all just passengers …

Greg Gutfeld: Rehab for Trump-haters in 3 easy steps!

At the gym, Sunday morning, CNN was on, and that bald guy was struggling with ways to interpret Donald Trump’s “moods.” It was fantastic and hilarious:  talking about “moods” and interpreting jokes, once again, as serious pronouncements. It was like …