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Greetings! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday AND for those who were lucky enough to make it to the “few”  drive-in shows we did this year – we truly appreciate your presence. For those who have tickets for the Memphis and Nashville Shows, we’ve been told that new dates should be announced Dec 1. If you want a refund, the venues have told us that they will honor it – so please let us know if you run into any issue. Regardless we appreciate your patience as it has not been easy getting those rescheduled. Unfortunately 2021 is still gonna be a little wonky, but we’re gonna do our best to get to as many cities as possible (that will have us).  Please select your city so when we announce you will be among the first to be alerted! Also feel free to comment with more suggestions about new markets we should visit! Thanks for being patient – we look forward to seeing you on the road – soon! GO HERE TO SELECT YOUR CITY