By Kim (Franklin, TN USA)
Common sense came back in the building! This book will make you laugh out loud with the perfect, hilarious descriptions of the “tolerant” liberals we all come in contact with and have witnessed warp this country by hatefully attacking opposing viewpoints. Like when liberals call not wanting your neighbors to pay for your birth control a threat to our society and then spew hate that there is a war on women….yes, a WAR…well, they need an education on the suffering of actual war and our trillion dollar debt. Snarky fools have run amuck and thank you, Greg, for letting us blow off steam by laughing at them.

By B. McCool
Greg has written a book that could be re-titled as “The Thinking Person’s Answer to `Rules for Radicals'”. While his exposing of liberal hypocrisy, er, tolerance is spot on, the advice he gives towards the end of the book is priceless. I don’t think I’ll see journalism (if by journalism you mean cheerleading for one side while ignoring facts and important issues) the same way ever again. And not just because of the lack of tolerance of it being exposed, but by knowing what is important to get fired up about and fight and what to ignore. Be careful when you start reading this book, you might not put it down until you get to the end.

Would it break any copyright laws if I had my houseboys make me an audible version of Greg’s book while using their best Greg impression for me to listen to?

By Uncle Hoss –
Your conservative friends will love it. And your liberal friends who can laugh at the hypocrisy of the tolerati will love it too. Who knows, give one to a tolerati and you may spark some phony outrage. Either way, it will be fun to watch.