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1. If an interviewer asks you a question, respond thoughtfully with, “that’s a great question.” Then summarize what the topic is about, concluding with “at the end of the day, it remains to be seen what the impact will be.” It helps to squint your eyes a little bit, at the end – as if your comment was so perceptive it hurt.

2. If the interviewer makes a point – and it’s one that’s full of theory and background that you only can begin to vaguely understand, respond with a sharp, approving, “Nail on the head!” The interviewer will be pleased that you agree with him or her, and will then instantly tune out, perhaps thinking about the snack to be had in the green room once the hour of programming ends. The gingerbread muffin, perhaps.  What do you say after “Nail on the head?”  See number three.

3. This is where you do the wind-up, followed by the throw-up – when you regurgitate the previous point with a nod to the future. The wind-up consists of “Experts have been saying exactly the same thing, but the mainstream media overlooks it…and it’s refreshing to hear some common sense brought to this issue.”  The throw-up in sum, goes like this: “So we now know that what you said is more often than not true….but…for how long?  That’s the real question. And to be honest, none of us really know. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore new avenues, and new approaches. The key is to not miss an opportunity to see where this leads.”

This concludes Greg’s lesson in total BS. Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where I apply the same principles to surgery.

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