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The Greg Gutfeld Show


Video: Watch Chapter 12 from How to be Right

Successful liberals live by conservative values. It’s true. The liberal musician, the liberal chef, the liberal writer — all swear by things conservatives love, like competition, earned reward, and, yes, profit and the bottom line. Watch this excerpt from Chapter … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Gut Check: When No Lives Matter

On Monday, a lowly cable network known for bleeding viewers had a talking head on that remarked on the “enormity” of grief that followed the murder of a white Texas deputy by a black dude in a gas station. The … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Gut Check: Trump’s Plus and Minus

Let’s begin with the late Andrew Breitbart’s often repeated quote: Politics is downstream from culture. Meaning, culture influences politics, not the reverse – and until conservatives figure out a way to take the culture back from the left, we cannot … FULL STORY / COMMENT

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