• 10/28/15
    Greg Gutfeld in Tour: How to be Right Tour
    Huntington, NY
    at Book Revue
  • 11/01/15
    Greg Gutfeld in Tour: How to be Right Tour
    Easton, PA
    at Barnes & Noble


The Greg Gutfeld Show


Gut Check: When No Lives Matter

On Monday, a lowly cable network known for bleeding viewers had a talking head on that remarked on the “enormity” of grief that followed the murder of a white Texas deputy by a black dude in a gas station. The … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Gutcheck: Five Books From a Five Guy

Because it’s summer, and you’re supposed to spend a fair portion of it sweating under the blinding sun, devouring antiquated things called books – I figure I’d offer you my reading list so far. But instead of writing typical reviews … FULL STORY / COMMENT

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Gutcheck: How to Pick A Candidate

Many disadvantages come with being a rightie. You’re vilified by those who own all the bullhorns. Most of the work you do goes unnoticed. You create businesses and commerce–only to be taxed, mocked, or picketed by those who couldn’t build … FULL STORY / COMMENT