Could Jeffrey Ross save the world? Probably not. He looks terrible. Imagine cutting open an alligator and finding the remains of Daddy Warbucks. His new look resembles a Kmart Halloween costume called “the Uncle who touched you in fifth grade.” … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The End of an Error

The title of this piece is exactly what I said, when a coworker reacted with surprise about my recent exit from the wonderful show, Redeye. I said, “it’s the end of an error,” when of course, I meant, “era.” Call … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Cartoonish Behavior

As the massive march unfolded in Paris, it served to remind us why everyone showed up in the first place: because some fanatical, determined assholes murdered a bunch of innocent citizens. It serves to remind us of this simple fact, … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Your Own Personal Blasphemy

The common definition of blasphemy is simple: an affront to faith or belief, an offense to god or what you believe to be spiritually sacred. This definition has widened, however, to encompass truly anything you hold sacred. No longer just … FULL STORY / COMMENT