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The Greg Gutfeld Show


Pain Relievers

I hate self-help books, and yet I realize, when I begin a sentence with, “I hate self-help books,” it’s because I’m about to make a sharp turn with, “But this book is different.” Yes, it’s true. Sadly, I am now … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Panic Buttons

He was all over the news, roughly a month or so ago: Kent Brantly, the doctor who contracted Ebola in Africa. But since he’s been discharged from Emory University Hospital weeks ago—when we saw him hugging hospital staffers and reuniting … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Hollywood’s Fading Brand

For the past week or so, Russell Brand and I have been jabbing at each other on the web and TV. It all began when Brand attacked Fox News Contributor and Wall Street Journal editorial board member Jason Riley for … FULL STORY / COMMENT

In Defense of Jerks

Make no mistake: Gene Simmons can be an irritating, egotistical asshole. But he’s a smart one. One who has made money not just for himself, but for thousands of people along his five-decade career. And he is one who speaks … FULL STORY / COMMENT

In Praise of Mystery

When I was a teen, I used to see the VHS copy of Picnic at Hanging Rock at our local version of Blockbuster, called Captain Video. I would stare at the alluring cover — featuring young girls in white dresses — … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The Sleeping Policeman

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m reading the reports on the Malaysia Airline mass murder, and it’s beyond depressing. Imagine if it were a son or a daughter, a sister or a brother, a mom or a dad—rotting in that field. And … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Raise a Glass to Felix Dennis

Publishing baron, billionaire philanthropist, best-selling author, drug addict, intellectual, Bruce Lee fan, internet renegade, rock singer, genius poet, copious wine drinker, whoring titan, and scary but lovable boss Felix Dennis died over the weekend in his home in England after a few … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Rock Review: Tilts

Rock music, at its heart, is the male brain expressing what’s necessary for pleasure. Is that sexist? Of course it is. Rock music is periodically blessed by women, when they join in, but mostly it’s the product of creatures with … FULL STORY / COMMENT