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Raise a Glass to Felix Dennis

Publishing baron, billionaire philanthropist, best-selling author, drug addict, intellectual, Bruce Lee fan, internet renegade, rock singer, genius poet, copious wine drinker, whoring titan, and scary but lovable boss Felix Dennis died over the weekend in his home in England after a few … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Rock Review: Tilts

Rock music, at its heart, is the male brain expressing what’s necessary for pleasure. Is that sexist? Of course it is. Rock music is periodically blessed by women, when they join in, but mostly it’s the product of creatures with … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Save the Lectures

In the interest of time (I’m nearly a half century old and have fewer years ahead than I’ve already swallowed up), I do my best to avoid black holes: what I call “time-suck” stories that are so murky and slippery … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Movie Review: Enemy

I rarely review movies, unless something interesting comes along and then disappears quickly, without fanfare. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MOVIE TRAILER “Enemy” is one of those forgotten treats. It came out a few months ago, and now, it’s already … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Jackie Gutfeld

I first met my mom on September 12th, 1964, in a room at Mills Hospital in San Mateo, California. I have no memory of it, but I can imagine no better person to welcome a fearful little ball of fury … FULL STORY / COMMENT


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