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The Greg Gutfeld Show


In Praise of the Unheard Musician

As South by Southwest terminates in its usual glut of pudgy arm tattoos, over priced craft beer, and beta male posturing, I must wonder, how do bands get popular these days? How do musicians make money? I’m trying to figure … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The End of an Error

The title of this piece is exactly what I said, when a coworker reacted with surprise about my recent exit from the wonderful show, Redeye. I said, “it’s the end of an error,” when of course, I meant, “era.” Call … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Cartoonish Behavior

As the massive march unfolded in Paris, it served to remind us why everyone showed up in the first place: because some fanatical, determined assholes murdered a bunch of innocent citizens. It serves to remind us of this simple fact, … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Your Own Personal Blasphemy

The common definition of blasphemy is simple: an affront to faith or belief, an offense to god or what you believe to be spiritually sacred. This definition has widened, however, to encompass truly anything you hold sacred. No longer just … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Why Sony Should Scare You

I hate the news right now, because websites, TV shows, and blogs are all reporting on the Sony emails – poring over the content, sucking out the juiciest bits and spitting them our way. Accidentally, I’ll get one right in … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The Race Race

As political races loom and gloom sets in among democrats, the topic of racism heats up. Race warfare is the weapon you grab when it looks really, really bad. The sad part: it works! While racism exists (everywhere), the notion … FULL STORY / COMMENT

My Records of the Year (2014)

Anyone who reads my list of favorite records knows I’m an old punk who over the years has drifted into psychedelic and acid rock, and there is no turning back for me. To me, all music should be psychedelic: if … FULL STORY / COMMENT