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Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld


Lessons in Lockstep

Last week, Nelson Mandela died. There were more than enough touching eulogies, and any attempt by me would be shoddy, with the depth of a contact lens. Better to sit back, shut up, and think about a lesson to learn … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The Pro-Choice Revolution

Last Sunday, I chose to do nothing. Meaning, I pretended to do something by buying and then consuming bits and chunks of stuff I ordered from my laptop as I sat in my underwear, drinking strong coffee. It’s what I … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The Tarantino of Nice

This weekend, riddled with sickness, I caught up on the latest series — available on Netflix — written and directed by Ricky Gervais. It’s called Derek, and it’s about a “simple-minded” guy named Derek who works at a retirement home. … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Not Cool Book Tour Announced!

On March 26, 2014, Greg will kick off the Not Cool Book Tour at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. Over the following weeks Greg will visit 32 Cities in 9 States including: Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Stocking Stuffer!

If you pre-order my new book NOT COOL before December 10th, you can receive a “Not Cool Koozie” and Holiday Gift card, while supplies last. Click here for details! 

The Right Way to Rebel

So, let’s say you realized, that, try as you might, you’re not like the rest of them. You’re different. You don’t instantly agree with them. Their assumptions are no longer yours. Maybe, secretly, they never were. But now, you find … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Record Review by Me

Dear friends, I am now about to review the new F*ck Buttons album, Slow Focus – their third amazing record. Their last one got used in the Britain opening Olympic ceremonies. It was the least offensive part. This record is … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Race Poker

Previously on The Five, I observed that the race card had been replaced by race poker. I see your “Trayvon Martin” and I raise you a “Delbert Belton.” (I don’t dare play poker–I’m too terrified–but I assume this comparison works. … FULL STORY / COMMENT