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Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld


Speculating on Spectacles

As we mark the ten year anniversary of “nipplegate”—yep, it’s been that long since Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson’s breastplate during the abysmal halftime show during Super Bowl 38—it pays to ask: was the outrage worth it? The outrage … FULL STORY / COMMENT

When Old Friends Return

Maybe, when you were younger and dumber, you had some questionable friends. They dabbled in illegality. They weren’t dependable. They often needed you to bail them out of trouble. They stole stuff…sometimes your stuff. They never paid for gas, and … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Lessons in Lockstep

Last week, Nelson Mandela died. There were more than enough touching eulogies, and any attempt by me would be shoddy, with the depth of a contact lens. Better to sit back, shut up, and think about a lesson to learn … FULL STORY / COMMENT

The Pro-Choice Revolution

Last Sunday, I chose to do nothing. Meaning, I pretended to do something by buying and then consuming bits and chunks of stuff I ordered from my laptop as I sat in my underwear, drinking strong coffee. It’s what I … FULL STORY / COMMENT