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The Greg Gutfeld Show


The Right Way to Rebel

So, let’s say you realized, that, try as you might, you’re not like the rest of them. You’re different. You don’t instantly agree with them. Their assumptions are no longer yours. Maybe, secretly, they never were. But now, you find … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Record Review by Me

Dear friends, I am now about to review the new F*ck Buttons album, Slow Focus – their third amazing record. Their last one got used in the Britain opening Olympic ceremonies. It was the least offensive part. This record is … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Race Poker

Previously on The Five, I observed that the race card had been replaced by race poker. I see your “Trayvon Martin” and I raise you a “Delbert Belton.” (I don’t dare play poker–I’m too terrified–but I assume this comparison works. … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Rung Out to Dry

We’ve got problems. Serious ones. We’ve heard enough about rates of single parenthood among whites and blacks. For most of us, this is not news. The residue from the feel-good 1970s was more toxic than realized. What we once saw … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Fear of Facts

One thing I noticed throughout the Martin/Zimmerman story cycle: the “opinion/fact” mutation. As more facts are introduced into the mix, opinions don’t disappear after being proven wrong, they simply mutate. We’ve seen this with other issues and debates: global warming, … FULL STORY / COMMENT

A Valentine to The Avalanches

Damn, I’m old. It’s been nearly 13 years ago that an album was released by an Australian group, in Australia, that has brought me nothing but pleasure every single day since then. The band was called the Avalanches, and the … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Looking Out For the Big Guy

Since I am considered by many to be a “little guy,” you’d think I’d always be “looking out” for him—the proverbial little guy. You could not be more wrong. The little guy bugs the crap out of me. But let … FULL STORY / COMMENT

Thank You, General Alexander

It’s about time America had the intel hearing, and were told about these prevented bomb plots. Fact is, we needed some adults in the room, to clarify exactly what we’ve been arguing about. For the past two weeks, people were … FULL STORY / COMMENT